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Brigadier General Aidan Thornton

Name Aidan Rowtag Thornton

Position Providence Commanding Officer

Second Position Trinity Executive Officer

Rank Brigadier General

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 39

Physical Appearance

Height 6' 4"
Weight 245 pounds
Hair Color aubiurn/red (red if he gets more sun)
Eye Color Hazel and green
Physical Description Aidan has a full head of dark brown/red hair due to his Irish heritage. There is very little on him that is excess and he works hard in the gym to keep toned. His skin is tan, getting darker when he stays in the field.


Spouse ex Carol Alt
Children Ayasha Thornton
Father Riordan Thornton-presumed Deceased
Mother Waneek Thornton-presumed Deceased
Brother(s) none
Sister(s) none
Other Family Fiances: Yuka Layton and Emily Quartermaine

Personality & Traits

General Overview Typical marine lifer. He is no-nonsense and very much to the point. His sense of humor is present but very dry and acerbic. Very much an iron fist inside a velvet glove would be the best way to describe him. More than brutally ruthless when crossed, he tries now to take in all in stride unless it directly affects him.
Ambitions Aidan's goal is to serve the corp. A soldier's soldier. It wasn't his life choice but what life chose for him.
Hobbies & Interests Botany, swords and antique firearms. Non-typical aerobics and gym

Personal History Familial/Relationship History: Divorced. He and his wife have a strained if amicable relationship. She had decided they can no longer be a couple while he serves in the Corps. Shortly after coming aboard the Lavie, he found out she was cheating on him again. Filed for divorce, it had been granted quickly with thanks to the President's office. He has a 19 year old daughter Ayasha (little one) that was living with his wife. She has since joined the Academy in the Medical field, much to the dismay and anger of his ex-wife.

He is currently involved with the Commanding Officer of the Ship, Yuka Layton. Now with her ex-lover, Emily Quartermaine, Aidan has entered new territory for him. A three sided relationship. While not his thing, he is head over heels in love with Yuka, and therefore willing to get it a try.

Medical History: With nearly twenty years in the Corps, he has had his share of scars and holes and then some. Including multiple sword slashes on his chest and back.

Aidan grew up in upstate NY on an apple farm. Not content with that pastoral life, he joined the Corps at 18 against his parent's wishes. During the first year, he met and fell in love with Carol, where she was quickly pregnant. Setting himself apart in the first few skirmishes he rose to the rank of E-4 when he was offered and opportunity to go back and commit to OCS in Starfleet academy to earn his commission.

In the years that followed, he and Carol grew apart mostly due to his long tours and constant call ups to put out the next fire blooming on the horizon. Due one long drunken brawl, Aidan was dropped from Major to First Lieutenant. Working hard to put the past behind him, and finding his particular talents of need, he was again promoted to Captain and sent to his next duty station.

After becoming the XO of the Lavie, he and Yuka Layton starting seeing each other and became nearly immediate soulmates.
Service Record 4544: Enlisted in Gal Fed Marine corps. Straight leg infantry, 3rd Marine Division, company D
4546: Promoted to Sergeant and was offer a chance to attend Officer's Candidate School. Graduated with a Bachelor's degree in computer sciences as well as the usual for a Marine. Advanced Tactical and Advanced Hand to Hand.
4548: Promoted to Second Lieutenant, reassigned to 17th Infantry, Mechanized.
4549: Promoted to First Lieutenant.
4552: Promoted to Captain, given Command of Delta Company, 17th Infantry
4557: Reassigned to Special Operations under Admiral Louden
4557-4566 Classified operations. 4561 Promoted to Major
4566 Demoted to First Lieutenant after a drunken altercation that left three men hospitalized, charged with conduct unbecoming. The only reason he wasn't drummed out completely is that it was self defense. He took a guilty plea with the guarantee that he be transferred back to the Corps and out of Louden's grasp.