This section of the RP area lists rules for the TNU Project games. By joining you agree to the below rules.

1.) The Chain of Command (respecting and following the orders of a host) is important, please respect the people in the positions of authority.

2.) Attendance is mandatory. You MUST post at LEAST once a week.

3.) The sim hosts have complete control over plot, crew, and progression but player input is welcomed and encouraged.

4.) Members must obey established protocol regarding non-sim activities.

5.) Don't seriously injure or kill any other character besides your own, unless it is a non-player character (NPC) or you have permission from the owner and player of that character. If it's not yours, don't break it. This is important. Discuss it with your host(s) if you're unsure.
6.) Foul language is allowed to an extent however it is within the authority of the hosts to deem whether it is needed or not. Bottom line use of course language is acceptable but should not be used constantly.

7.) If you and another character are romantically involved please use your best judgment. If you have questions please contact a host.

8.) Each mission/plot for each sim has been thought out and derived after some serious thought. Each host has plans for the simulation. Although it is the players that define where the plot goes, the hosts have every right to nullify a post or statement in a simulation. You are expected to know how far is too far and to understand somewhat where a mission is going before you post. Do not make major plot changes, or invent or destroy elements of a storyline without consulting the host(s) of the sim first.

10.) All members of this sim have made a commitment by joining.

11.) Members are expected to put the stability of their sim above themselves. If a player wishes to file a complaint about the hosts of a sim, the state of the sim, or resign because of events on the sim, they need to do so in a professional and polite manner. If the simulation suffers from the player due to malice or malcontent, then